Best Bathroom Rugs That You’ll Love [2021 Reviews]

Best Bathroom Rugs

Bathrooms can be dangerous places, are we right? After all, there is a chance that water escapes from the shower when you get out or sloshes over the sides as you take a relaxing bath. So in order to prevent accidents from happening, a good rug is needed. We want to share with you a few that we consider the best bathroom rugs out there.

Bathroom Rug Reviews

Gorilla Grip Chenille Rug

The first rug that we like is a soft chenille model from Gorilla Grip. The weave is crafted in a high and thick pile. It is finished with a thermoplastic rubber under the pile. Traditionally designed in a rectangular shape measuring 17 by 24 inches, it is a nice looking bathroom rug that comes with a lot of features that we love.


When it comes to this rug, the thing that stands out the most for us is the pile. This thick and plush pile not only feels good on the feet but also lends a super absorbent quality. On top of all that, the rug can be tossed into the washer and dryer, so keeping it clean is super easy.

It is a great option, but by no means do we think it is the perfect option for everyone. The rug is designed with a grip on the bottom, though, in truth, it doesn’t work as well as some of the other options on this list. It is also a thick pile but not as soft and plush as we would like it to have.


  • The rug can be taken care of very easy
  • Crafted with material that is ultra-absorbent
  • Weave of fabric feels great on your feet
  • Comes in a wide range of color options


  • Rug is not designed to be non-slip
  • The rug is not as plush as other options

Color & Geometry Ultra Soft Tug

Constructed in microfiber, the Color & Geometry Ultra Soft Rug comes in five different sizes and eight colors. The materials and the design used in the manufacturing of this rug bring great qualities to it.


Finding a short pile that gives you all the benefits of a plusher rug is a great find. This rug is soft and is designed with a modern look that fits almost any bathroom. It also washes easily and retains its softness.

That being said, there are still a few things that we think could be improved on. While the rug’s absorbency is nice, unfortunately when at full capacity, the rug has a bit of a squishy fell under the feet, which is a little unpleasant. Also, the non-slip quality leaves a little something to be desired.


  • Colors of the rug are nice and true to what is advertised
  • If you are looking for softness, this rug is a good choice
  • Rug is designed with a simple and modern aesthetic
  • Product washes well and maintains its plush feeling


  • Absorbency of the rug can make it a little squishy when full
  • May have to readjust placement as it moves a bit

Yimobra Memory Foam Mat

The next rug takes the wonderful feel of memory foam and turns it into a rug for your bathroom. The Yimobra mat not only comes in multiple sizes but also colors so that you can find the perfect one for your bathroom.


The memory foam design of this rug brings with it a lot of features that make it stand out. Of course, with this material comes a super comfortable feel, almost like you are walking on air. The rug is also ultra-absorbent, which could prevent accidents from happening.

The memory foam is nice, but because it is used, it also means that the price tag is a little steeper than some. However, the value for the price tag is more than advantageous. It also slips a bit on slicker surfaces.


  • This rug is soft and comfortable to the touch
  • Rug is great for a larger space bathroom
  • No worries about getting it wet as it absorbs a lot of water
  • Price versus value stands out amongst its competition


  • Some may find this rug a little on the pricey side
  • Ceramic tiling may cause the rug to slip a little

Walensee Non-Slip Bath Rug

Shaggy and absorbent are two qualities that stood out to us about the next rug. This non-slip microfiber shag rug has a lot of fantastic qualities. No matter what size of a bathroom you are dealing with or the color pallet, we are sure that you will be able to find a rug in this collection.


The short shag is super soft and feels so good on your feet. One of the things we really look for is the ability to stay in place. This rug is designed with a great TPR backing that stays in place most of the time. Also, we really like that it can keep your feet warm when standing on it.

Unfortunately, we do find a few issues that a little annoying when it comes to this rug. The first we have already sort of mentioned, and that is the grip. It does stay in place most of the time, but if your floor is a slippery material, it will move a bit. Also, the rug doesn’t absorb as much water as other models.


  • You will be able to find a color that matches your décor
  • Super soft feeling fabric for more comfort
  • Finished with a rubber backing for better grip
  • Materials of rug help keep feet warm when dry


  • Some have found that the rug still slips a bit
  • Issues with the absorbency of the rug

KMAT Luxury Non-Slip Rug

Our last rug we really think you should take a look at is a luxury microfiber quick dry rug from KMAT. The patterned rug comes in two colors and is a very stylish looking model that will add a little something to any bathroom.


For us, the best thing about this rug is the size. Of course, this could be a negative for some too, but we love the fact that this rug covers so much space. The rug is easy to clean too, which is another big plus for us. Also, the non-slip rubber backing can withstand a lot of punishment.

There are only two things that we are not super ecstatic about. The lack of color selection means that you will have to hope that the color pallet and style work with your bathroom décor. It also doesn’t absorb a ton of water, which could lead to messes if not careful.


  • Design is made to cover a large area of the bathroom floor
  • Rug has a non-slip material integrated into the design
  • Product is super easy to keep clean
  • Rubber backing is super durable even after a long time of use


  • This rug comes in a limited selection of colors
  • Product could stand to be a bit more absorbent

Final Thoughts

We hope our quick rundown of the best bathroom rugs on the market has helped you with your search for the perfect rug for your bathroom.