Best Bed Sheets: 2021’s Buying Guide

Sheet What is the best for your bed in 2020

Sheet What is the best for your bed in 2020

Choosing your bedding with care is essential, after all, according to experts, we spend almost a third of our life sleeping.

Getting home and seeing the bed made with good quality and freshly smelling sheet is very inviting. In the text below we will help you choose the best sheet for your bed.

First, the most important

  • The sheet is a fundamental item in the bed. Among other functions, it serves to protect and help preserve your mattress, ensuring its durability and preventing wear, stains and proliferation of bacteria.
  • Using a sheet is essential for hygiene. It helps to keep your health up to date, at bedtime. It can be used both on those warmer days, as it can hold the coolest air, as on the coldest days, helping to maintain body heat.
  • Found in different types of fabrics, the most popular sheet is 100% cotton. Being aware of the material that the sheet is made of is important and helps in your decision when investing in the best for you.

Ranking: The 5 best sheets for your bed

When buying a sheet, pay attention to the material it is made of. The three games below are the best and best selling currently on the market. Check out the Ranking we selected for you and continue reading our Shopping Guide.

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set — Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding

Over 22,000 reviewers stated these sheets were soft and more comfy. But one man who considered his inspection of a performance piece mentioned that:”Like sleeping on the fluffy stomach of a swan while easily gliding through a whirlwind of silk fibers emphasized with gentle whispers of’good investment, bro’ in the lips of this goddess of naps, this really is a pretty dope update from faculty student-grade bed sheets” Another clarifies the sheets as being like the”soft, cotton sheets that you may recall as a kid, which had softened to perfection after being run through the washer heaps of occasions; except those have this sense right from the bundle.” 1 reviewer, after softly referencing used to sleeping Frette sheets, states,”soft is an understatement.” And they remain that way. “No pilling nevertheless they wash well and dry fast,” says a different inspection. “All these have proven no indication of ripping however and we’ve used them daily for the last year.” In case you still need convincing, designer Ashley Moore advised me that she’s these “supersoft” sheets”in every guest bedroom at our property.”


  • Sheet set is crafted with durable, tear-resistant materials
  • When washed, the sheets don’t really shrink
  • Crafted to not pill when washed or used
  • Thread count and fabric give these sheets a very soft touch


  • The fabric of the sheets can wrinkle very easily
  • Though tear-resistant, they are weaker in one direction than the other

Sweet Home Collection Bed 6 Piece 1500 Thread Count Deep Pocket Sheet Set

Over 8,000 reviewers provide these sheets a five-star score, and almost 50 percent of these describe them as tender. “Not only are those sheets magnificent looking but they’re certainly the most comfortable pair of sheets with that I have,” one writes. Another compares them into the”the soft cloth found on vintage Polo tops” But just because they are soft (and relatively cheap ), does not mean they are not lasting:”They are so tender, and have held us up, our 70 pound puppy, both cats, and lots of cycles throughout the washer and drier,” reports one reviewer. A lot of sexy sleepers appear to find them to be more cooling. One calls them”anti-sweat sheets,” and only about yells,”THEY ARE AS SOFT AS I WANTED AND YES…. In addition to all of that, all these are deep-pocket sheets, so they have got”extra space for when I put in a mattress topper,” according to a reviewer, while the other writes that the”deep pockets fit my Purple mattress flawlessly.” Reviewers also love that there is a”ring on every corner to keep the sheet ” In general,”There is nothing greater than crawling within these sheets at the end of a tough day.”


  • Luxury sheet set that is budget-friendly
  • The set comes with two extra pillowcases
  • Sheets are both hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant
  • The collection comes in a wide range of color options


  • Brushed polyester material sleeps warmer than standard cotton
  • If you have an extra-thick mattress, the sheets will not fit

CGK Unlimited Queen Size Sheet Set – 6 Piece Set – Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets

If you are the type of person who will not have too many blankets, then you will like these sheets. According to one reviewer,”although [the sheets] aren’t flannel, they’ve kept us warm and we’ve never had to begin utilizing two coasters yet, which we do in the winter. The sheets are possibly the most comfy sheets we’ve slept on.” Another reviewer states,”they’re fine and warm — but light — so I really don’t feel like a few [thicker ] ones I’ve had.” 1 reviewer had these sheets urged for her with a”self proclaimed’sheet snob’ coworker.” She states,”I felt as though I was crawling to a butter dish”.


  • Even if you have an extra thick mattress, this sheet set will fit
  • High quality elastic on fitted sheets ensures it stays put once on
  • The set comes with oversized pillowcases
  • Easy to care for and leaves relatively no wrinkles after washed


  • Set uses microfiber, which is not as cool to sleep on
  • If you have a thin mattress, the fitted sheet will not fit very well

BAMPURE 100% Organic Bamboo Deep Pocket Sheets

The BAMPURE 100% Organic Bamboo Deep Pocket sheets are one of the most popular options out there. The sheets are constructed using 100% pure viscose from bamboo plants and come with OEKO-Tex approval. No harmful chemicals are used in the making of the sheets, and this means they are hypoallergenic.

The sheets offer a 300 thread count giving them a nice touch and feel on the skin. This also makes them cool to sleep, which makes them perfect for warm and humid climates. The bamboo also requires less care than other sheets, so that is nice as well.


  • Sheets are made of 100% bamboo, which gives them a silky smooth and cool feeling
  • The process of manufacturing is done without using any harmful chemicals
  • When choosing the color, you will have no trouble finding one that works with your décor
  • Fabric and finishing process gives it an odor-resistant nature


  • Some may find the price a little steep
  • Includes a sateen finish so more care will be needed to maintain quality

SLEEP ZONE 120GSM Luxury Microfiber Sheet Set

The SLEEP Zone 120GSM Luxury Microfiber Sheet Set is designed to deliver luxury and quality. This is accomplished by using premium-grade tarns and advanced technology along with expert craftsmanship. The sheets have a matte finish and a satin width of about 1-inch.

That is not the only great thing these sheets sleep cool thanks to the new NANOTEX coolest comfort technology. This is a process where the sheets are finished with a process that leaves them with enhanced wicking capability, which helps keep the body cool as you sleep.


  • Designed with a new cooling technology for a more comfortable sleep
  • Sheets are wrinkle-free and fade resistant
  • Fabric is designed with moisture-wicking capability
  • Set is made with an ultra-soft brushed microfiber


  • Some have found the quality a bit inconsistent
  • There are those that feel the sheets are a little flimsy

Buying Guide

There is nothing more pleasant than a comfortable, clean and smelling bed after an intense day. And the sheet is also the protagonist of this scenario. It can even interfere with the quality of our sleep.

Now that you know the importance of the sheet and have met some of the best on the market, let’s talk a little more about some features that will help you choose the best sheet for your bed.

Buying Guide

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the sheet?

The sheet is a fundamental item in the bed. It serves not only to protect, but also to help preserve your mattress, ensuring its durability and preventing wear, stains and bacteria proliferation.

The sheet is also essential to maintain hygiene at bedtime and keep your health up to date. It can be used both on those hotter days, managing to keep the air cooler, as on the coldest days, helping to maintain body heat.

Cotton sheets are often hypoallergenic and the best option for those suffering from both respiratory and itchy allergies. In addition, they are usually very fresh.

To maintain hygiene, the sheet needs to be changed weekly, at least and at most every two weeks. However, you can change it as needed.

The ideal is to wash it well and keep it in a suitable place. In this way, it will continue to fulfill its role of keeping your health up to date and protecting your mattress.


  • Protects the mattress
  • Hygienic if taken care of
  • Helps keep your health up to date
  • There are antiallergic options
  • Keeps body temperature on colder days
  • On warmer days, it stays fresh


  • Needs to be changed every seven days
  • Wash properly and keep in a ventilated place

How to care for your sheet?

Washing your sheets frequently is very important to keep you up to date. Like delicate clothes, your sheet also needs special care when washing.

No getting everything out of bed, making that little bundle and throwing it in the washing machine. That’s not cool. To ensure a good cleaning it is important to take some precautions. Such as:

  • Sheets accumulate germs, sweat and oil from your body, the ideal is to change it weekly or at most every two weeks;
  • If it has any stains, invest in a specific product for this and soak it before putting it in the machine;
  • Some washing machines have the function of bed linen or delicate clothes, select this option to wash your sheets;
  • The water temperature helps to make it cleaner, check the sheet label for the recommended temperature;
  • After drying, before storing, the ideal is always to iron the sheet. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before using the iron;
  • Finally, folding the sheet neatly and storing it in an appropriate place helps in its conservation and hygiene.

How much?

The price will depend on the size of the sheet and the fabric and the number of threads it has. The bigger, the more expensive the sheet will be. A single single sheet, in mesh, is usually more accessible and there are brands that start at R $ 18.

The price of a sheet in percale, 100% cotton, which has a good quality and durability, usually costs from R $ 40 on average. The value varies a lot, depending on the brand.

There are even more sophisticated options, with details and that comes together. It is possible to find sheet sets that cost up to five thousand reais.

Where to buy?

It is very easy to find a good quality sheet according to what you want to invest. Stores that sell bed, bath and table linen, such as Artex, Zelo, Lojas Pernambucanas and Niazi Chofi, offer a good variety.

Large supermarket chains like Carrefour, Extra, among others, also dedicate a section only for bedding. Do you like a specific brand? Buettner, Trousseau, Santista, Lepper and Artex, for example, have sheets for all tastes.

In addition, you still have the option to buy your sheet without leaving your home, in online stores like Amazon, Lojas Americanas, Magazine Luiza, and all the others mentioned above. The advantage of buying online is not having to leave the house and receive the product at the door.

Purchasing criteria: Main features for evaluating a sheet

To find out which is the best set of sheets for your bed, it is important to observe the following characteristics mentioned below. They will help you make a more assertive choice:

  • Size
  • Fabrics
  • Elastics
  • Number of wires

Read on to learn more about each item.


For the sheet to have a perfect fit and a good fit on the bed, it is important to know the measurements of the mattress, since there are different sizes such as: single, couple, queen and king size, in addition to the specific for cradle.

With that in mind, pay attention to this detail before buying your sheet. Check the measurements of the sheet and check if it fits with those of your mattress. Doing this is easier to get the purchase right.


The sheet can be produced with different types of fabrics. The most common on the market is 100% cotton, but there are some variations. Being aware of the material that the sheet is made of is important and helps in your decision at the time of purchase.

  • 100% cotton sheet : The most popular of all. This sheet is manufactured with 150 threads. It is soft, durable and hypoallergenic. Its price is affordable and relatively low compared to other models. The big advantage is that it is easy to wash and iron and does not heat up in the heat.
  • Percale sheet : This type of sheet is made from 180 threads. It can be 100% cotton or 50% cotton, 50% polyester. It has great durability. The mixed version is usually more accessible and very easy to iron, however, it can, over time, create balls in the fabric. Because it has polyester in its composition, the sheet heats up a little more on those hot days.
  • Knitted sheet : The big difference of this sheet, made of 100% cotton, is in the weft of the threads. It is soft, very malleable and practical. It does not need to be ironed, after being washed and made of cotton, it is anti-allergic. This type of sheet is usually a good choice to be used in children’s beds.
  • Egyptian cotton sheet: A thin and very elegant sheet. Your bed will have a touch of richness. They are more expensive sheets, but the investment is worth it, since they are usually very durable. The characteristics of its fibers make it a little difficult to iron. But the touch of softness and the comfort it provides is worth the effort.
  • Flannel sheet : The perfect option for those colder days. It is usually a more expensive sheet and a little harder to find. It has the advantage of being durable and hypoallergenic.
  • Silk sheet : With a velvety texture and soft touch, silk is a very noble and expensive fabric. The silk sheet will leave your bed a real luxury. If you want to invest in this type of sheet just pay attention to the care to keep it always beautiful and avoid using it in the heat. Silk tends to get hot.
  • Satin sheet : Much more accessible than silk, the satin sheet also has a soft touch and provides comfort and beauty.

Number of wires

This characteristic is directly linked to the quality of the sheet. The greater the number of threads the fabric is made, the better and more durable the sheet will be.

The count usually starts from 150, going beyond a thousand. The price also increases according to the number of threads. However, you don’t have to spend that much to get a good sheet. The intermediate models are great and worth the investment.


In addition to the above characteristics, there are two types of sheets: with elastic and without elastic.

Here the decision is very simple. If you are one of those who move a lot in bed, invest in a sheet with elastic. It will always stay in place and when it comes to tidying up, it is much more practical.

It is a personal issue, but it deserves attention and needs to be considered. After all, you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night and realize that the sheet has ended up on the floor, don’t you ?!

The biggest difficulty of the sheet with elastic is to pass and fold it cute before putting it away. The no elastic at this point is much easier.