Best Curtains for Kitchen: 2021’s Best Picks

Curtain for kitchen How to choose the best in 2020

Curtain for kitchen How to choose the best in 2020

A good kitchen curtain, in addition to privacy, can bring more charm and comfort to your environment, making it more cozy.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best options on the market, in addition to the features that you must pay attention to in order to make the most appropriate choice to compose your kitchen decor.

First, the most important

  • The market offers thousands of kitchen curtain options. To choose the ideal, some factors must be considered before purchase. Define where the installation will be, and choose according to the main objective desired: blocking sunlight, decoration, privacy, etc.
  • Size, material, model, type, form of installation and ease of cleaning and sanitizing are some of the main characteristics to be evaluated when purchasing the kitchen curtain.
  • Prices are quite varied. The fluctuations occur according to the material and the chosen brand, in addition to other factors such as embroidered details, lace, finishes and prints. It is possible to find simpler curtains from R $ 30. The most luxurious and worked can cost more than R $ 500.

The best kitchen curtains: Our choices

Do you want to guarantee privacy, protect appliances and utensils from direct sunlight and breakage to give your kitchen an extra charm? Calm down that it does not need major reforms, investments or break-breaks.

A good kitchen curtain can give you all these advantages and still make your kitchen much more cozy without spending too much. We have selected the most charming models available on the market to inspire you. Check the list:

1. NICETOWN Blackout Kitchen Window Curtains

Nicetown kitchen curtain is among the greatest curtains for your kitchen. Fantastic layout and beautiful looking give your kitchen a gorgeous appearance. With a little solitude, the kitchen curtain creates a fantastic view too. The grommet shirt gives a contemporary touch to the house and kitchen decoration.The polyester imported quality drape is quite upmarket. Super thick and soft blackout curtain panels make it even more durable and powerful. It produces a harmonious environment free of coating, no formaldehyde, fade-resistant, protection, solitude security. The curtain has two panels. All these panels is 52 x 36 (W x L) inches. Fits easily with all sorts of window. With a lot of color combinations you may pick a suit with your wall. It will raise the attractiveness of your house and is going to be an ideal selection for toilet, kitchen, cafe shop or some other little window.


  • Curtains are available in a wide range of color choices
  • The length options are pretty versatile
  • Crafted with three layers to block UV rays from coming in
  • No need to worry about wrinkles


  • Some color choices only block out 85% of light
  • Issues with the consistency of measurements, some sets come uneven

2. NANAN Waterproof Window Covering for Kitchen

Let us introduce another exceptional kitchen curtain. Nanan waffle weave textured plaid cloth drape is an wonderful excellent merchandise with non-toxic fantastic stitching and amazing seams. The curtain provides you a solid structure in addition to some privacy security.A very simple design will just update the beauty of your kitchen. The good colour and waffle weave design add a delightful appearance to your house. Fits easily everywhere and window regardless of it’s a kitchen window or toilet window. In addition to all dimensions tiers and valances fit readily with standard curtain rods.In addition, the drape is watertight, dustproof and wrinkle-proof which ensures ideal to be used for a longer time period. For utilizing extended, the curtain is machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle and tumble dry. But not use bleach. If necessary you can perform cool iron onto it. I am hoping that you have all whatever I mentioned to you concerning this kitchen drape.


  • Crafted with easy installation rod pockets
  • Materials used in the design are soft-touch, non-toxic with a waffle weave
  • Curtains are water, dust, and wrinkle-proof
  • Price versus value is pretty competitive


  • Some find the curtains too lightweight and see-through
  • Issues with the curtains snagging easily

3. MYSKY HOME Kitchen Sheer Tier Curtains and Valance Set

From the house decor planet, Mysky house is a frequent name. And today we’ll discuss an appealing window curtain tier set in Mysky Home. The curtain made from 100 percent top quality . And that’s the reason it lasts more than you anticipate.The superb conventional layout will bring peace on your thoughts and provide your window walls a stylish and tasteful appearance. The advance technology of the USA has been used while creating this curtain. That is because the consumers may have a great experience when they use this drape.The majority of the sticks on the industry fit due to pole pocket assemble. The curtain is ideal for any of this kitchen, laundry room or guest or extra long shower curtain bath. The curtain will supply you the essential privacy and allow only the specific quantity of light to the space. I believe it’s going to be among the best options for you.


  • The polyester design gives the curtains a long life
  • Crafted with a jacquard fabric with a stylish look
  • Crafted with a thick hem that keeps the curtains weighted down
  • Light is filtered through them very well


  • Curtains cannot be cleaned with bleach
  • Some may have a problem with the transparency of curtains

H.Versailtex Sheer Linen Kitchen Curtains

These sheer linen kitchen curtains from H.Versailtex are crafted with a rustic chic that is absolutely perfect for kitchens. The linen is an open weave flax blend that gives a natural feel to any room and also gives a nice drape. The thin fabric blocks light without blocking too much and gives a nice breathability to the curtains. That, coupled with the wide range of colors and the easy care, makes this set of curtains a fine option for many homes.


  • The colors of the curtains are consistent and true to the advertisement
  • Curtains offer a nice level of natural light to get through
  • Designed with a rustic-chic look that is very stylish looking
  • Multiple colors allow you to mix and match to match the room’s color scheme


  • Some issues with sizing consistency of curtains
  • Problems with skipped or gnarled threading

GoodGram Country 3 Pc. Café Plaid Kitchen Curtain Set

If you’re looking for a cute curtain set for your kitchen, then look no further than the GoodGram Country 3 Pc. Café Plaid kitchen curtain set. It is designed with a lightweight, durable fabric and comes in several fun colors that you can match to your kitchen décor. On top of this, the curtains are designed to be easy to put up using the standard 1-inch rod pocket.


  • Curtains are easy to care for and wash well
  • Able to fit on standard 1-inch rods
  • Taking care of the curtains is easy as they are machine washable
  • Curtains are crafted in fun colors with a stylish pattern and fun script


  • Some issues with the lining up of words from curtain to curtain
  • Curtains are available in a limited length selection

Buying Guide

Now that you’ve checked the Ranking with the coolest kitchen curtains on the market, it’s time to take the next step and follow our Buying Guide.

In this section you will have access to the most relevant information about kitchen curtains, such as models and directions for use, advantages and disadvantages, values, where to buy, etc.

But remember: the best and most expensive product on the market is not always the most suitable for you and your needs. Therefore, we will introduce you to topics on the characteristics you should pay attention to in order to choose the curtain that best meets your expectations.

Buying Guide

What is a kitchen curtain?

The kitchen curtain is a cutout of fabric, which fixed next to the window filters the passage of external light and blocks the view, giving more privacy to the room.

The item is also an important decorative element. The curtains can be installed by means of rods or sliding rails.

What are the advantages of using kitchen curtains?

When we think of curtains, it is common for environments like bedrooms and living rooms to come to mind. But a good curtain can also do a lot for the decoration of a kitchen, which for most families is one of the most convivial spaces in the house.

Installing a curtain is a simple way to give a different look to the environment, making it more pleasant, cozy and welcoming. But the advantages of using the curtain in kitchens are not limited to aesthetic aspects.

It is necessary to be careful when installing your curtain, avoid places with pipes and that are close to sources of heat.

The curtain is a great ally, for example, to maintain the privacy of the room. The accessory is ideal to ensure that outsiders do not have visual access to what happens inside the environment.

The curtain can also prevent the sun’s rays from directly reaching the surface of appliances, utensils, cabinets and benches, which can be worn or damaged by constant sunlight.

Depending on the material, the curtain may also block some of the external heat, making the environment more pleasant and comfortable, especially for those who are cooking, washing dishes, etc.

However, installing the kitchen curtain deserves a little care. It should be avoided that they are close to heat sources such as stoves and ovens, after all, fabric is a flammable material. Care must also be taken when fixing the curtain, as hitting pipes and pipes can cause enormous inconvenience.

The kitchen curtain will also need more attention and more frequent maintenance than parts of other rooms in the house, as it will be more subject to the accumulation of grease, moisture and dirt in general.


  • Ensures privacy
  • Protects the environment, surfaces and appliances from sunlight
  • Decorates and beautifies
  • Retains heat


  • Accumulation of grease and dirt
  • Installation must be done with caution

What care should be taken when choosing a kitchen curtain?

As the kitchen curtain is a product that will be in evidence in the room, it must be evaluated in all its aspects very carefully before purchase. This assessment can make all the difference to ensure your satisfaction and safety.

The first item to be evaluated is the product dimensions . Check carefully the total curtain measurements, the area it covers and the size of the installation base (rail or rail) that are recommended by the manufacturer. This way you can guarantee that it will fit in the space available for installation.

Also check if the model’s installation mode is compatible with the environment. Rail curtains, for example, need a different structure for installation, which must be made very close to the ceiling for a more visually pleasing effect.

Remember that the kitchen is a place with a large passage of pipes and pipes. Check that the intended location to receive your curtain allows the perforations necessary for installing the accessory without the risk of reaching pipes.

Also pay attention to the type of fabric on the curtain. Thick fabrics will block the passage of natural light more intensely, while thin and light fabrics will provide lighter environments. Check that the chosen material is washable, and give preference to fabrics that are less susceptible to stains.

Where to buy a kitchen curtain?

You can buy your kitchen curtain at physical stores that offer decorative products and home utilities, such as Lojas Americanas, Havan, Etna, Tok Stok, among others.

It is also possible to purchase online, taking advantage of all the convenience and variety that e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Mercado Livre offer.

In the online market you will find more models and also the best prices. Not to mention that you don’t even have to leave the house for your purchase.

How much does a kitchen curtain cost?

The values ​​of kitchen curtains can vary a lot according to model, material used and product design. It is possible to find simpler versions starting at R $ 30. More sophisticated models, vintage or with signatures from famous designers can have much higher prices.

Several online stores offer the same product at different prices. After choosing the desired model, use price comparison sites to choose the best offer.

It is also worth paying attention to the freight charges charged by online sales platforms. They can vary a lot according to the shipping region, size and weight of the product. That is why good research is essential.

Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing kitchen curtain models

We are all subject to making bad purchases from time to time. But of course if you have followed this article so far, it is because you are interested in making the right purchase, and choosing your kitchen curtain like a professional.

Below we will present some features for which you should be aware when comparing models, types and brands of this product. And never forget: the best product for you is not always the best on the market, but one that does what you need, the way you want it, efficiently and cost-effectively.

After defining your need, consider the following aspects to choose the product that will best suit you:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Model
  • Type
  • Components
  • Cleaning and hygiene

Understand the importance of paying attention to these factors below.


The kitchen is often an area where people enjoy using natural light. If this is the case, good options are the curtains in light fabrics, which will allow the entry of light even when the piece is closed.

A good option is to choose fabrics in neutral colors, which give a greater sense of spaciousness to the environment, are easier to combine and have a timeless style.

Avoid heavy fabrics, with blackout or in very dark colors. These options can weigh the look and make the room darker than necessary. In addition, strong colors tend to fade with the incidence of sun, in addition to retaining more heat, which can increase the temperature of the environment during the day.


The size of the kitchen curtain must be compatible with the window in which it will be installed. There are long and short type models. For installation above sinks or countertops choose short models.

The curtain must be installed so that the bar does not hinder the use of the surface immediately below it.

Curtains should be installed near stoves and ovens in order to eliminate the risk of accidents with flames. On walls where there are no benches below the window, long curtains can be used.

The curtains must have the total width measurement greater than the rod or rail on which they will be fixed. This leftover fabric will be responsible for creating the folds in the curtain, giving a better fit and a more sophisticated effect to the piece.


The style and color pattern of the curtain also deserve attention. A curtain entirely in Provencal lace may not go well with a kitchen with a very modern or minimalist decor, for example.

The curtain must match the rest of the kitchen.

The choice of model may be based solely on personal taste. Think of the other elements of the room to make sure that the curtain you choose will produce the expected visual effect.

For walls with more neutral coatings, for example, it is possible to dare in colors and prints.

For walls with more worked coverings, with many colors and prints, the ideal is the choice for more basic curtains, without many details, prints or strong colors, which can end up overloading the look of the room.


There are basically two types of kitchen curtain: for railing or rail.

  • Rail : They are more suitable for those who want to install the curtain close to the ceiling. The ideal is to have a plaster, masonry or joinery finish so that the rail is embedded and invisible.
  • Rod : However, the most used model for kitchens is the rod. Easier to install, remove and replace, these models usually come with eyelets fixed to the fabric that allow installation on the rod. There are also models that come with small fabric handles.

In this case, there are two installation options: rings for curtain can be inserted, which will fit the rod; or the curtain handles themselves can be passed through the rod.

The rod models, besides being more practical for installation and maintenance on a daily basis, allow different combinations. For example, you can combine the tone of the bar with the kitchen cabinets or floor.

There are also several options of decorated tips, which in addition to ensuring that the fabric does not come off the bar, can give a different finishing touch to the decoration.

Cleaning and hygiene

As it will be installed in the kitchen, the curtain will be constantly exposed to grease, smoke and dust. Therefore, this piece will need to be washed and sanitized much more often than a curtain for a room, for example.

So, give preference to models that are 100% washable, and easy to install and remove, as it will need to move out of place very often for cleaning.

Choose the fabric that has washing instructions closest to the other pieces of bed, table and bath in your home. So you do not need to pay special attention to the curtain when washing.

Synthetic fabrics are the best option for washing at home, as they are less at risk of damage in home washing. Natural fabrics will be safer being washed by professionals.

Finally, check if the fabric used in the chosen curtain is pre-washed or has a shrinkage percentage, so that you do not run the risk of the product shrinking when washing at home and end up with inadequate measures for the installation space. .


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