Best Single Bedding Sets for Your Bedroom [2021’s Best Picks]

Single bedding How to make the best choice in 2020

Single bedding How to make the best choice in 2020

The bedding pieces of fabric  ensure organization and hygiene to the most important furniture in your room, responsible for your moment of rest. Our shopping guide can help you in choosing the best single bedding sets,  ways in using  it and how to look after it.

First, the most important

  • The traditional single bed set consists of three pieces: the sheet with elastic, the sheet without elastic and the pillowcase.
  • The ideal is that you prioritize games whose fabrics are 100% composed of cotton, as these have more quality and durability.
  • The thread count influences the lightness and softness of the piece. The weft can be manufactured with 140 threads or even more than 1,000 threads.

The best single bedding sets: Our suggestions

Before we give you all the details about the single bedding sets, we will point out some interesting options of the product. If you are thinking of purchasing one of these, our ranking can be of great help. Take a look:

Elegant Comfort Luxury Comforter Set

This premium bedding collection has all you will need to get a cozy bed — pockets. The fitted sheet contains double-sided pockets to conveniently save anything you might require within reach such as books, eyeglasses, pills, and much more. The hypoallergenic microfiber collection contains a comforter, bed skirt, two pillow shams, two pillowcases, a flat sheet, along with also the pocketed fitted sheet. The luxe pin-tuck pleated appearance comes in eight different colors, such as chocolate, burgundy, and navy and three dimensions choices: twin/twin XL, full/queen, king/California king.

XeGe CHENFENG Plush Shaggy Duvet Cover

Prepare to never wish to leave your bed after it is draped inside this shaggy duvet cover set. Having a lavish high and velvety bottom, this comforter is as smart as it’s soft to get a immediately luxurious vibe. The microfiber duvet cover and 2 pillowcases offer warmth but stay breathable. Reviewers rave about just how comfy and lasting this collection is (no losing!) , plus one shopper wrote,”This mattress is ridiculously wonderful.” It is offered in three different sizes — double, queen, and king — and eight different colors, such as light beige, grey, and camel.

Lush Decor Boho Stripe Quilt Set

For the finishing touch into your boho-inspired bedroom, then add this striped duvet pair using a reversible quilt and 2 pillow shams. On the side you’ll discover broad, vibrant stripes and on the flip side, a tighter diamond-geometric design. The total color schemes you need to pick from are turquoise and tangerine (pictured) or a monochromatic white and black.

Buying Guide

Who doesn’t love comfortable, well-maintained bedding? Choosing a bedding set is not only a matter of aesthetics and comfort, but also hygiene, being super necessary to protect your mattress and pillow.

In the guide below we will talk a little better about the product, in order to explain all its benefits.

Buying Guide

What is the single bed set?

The single bed set is nothing more than the bed linen responsible for covering and protecting your mattress and pillow.

They are idealized in a single format, for just one person, and are usually made of fabric rich in cotton.

What can’t be missing in a single bedding set?

Usually, a single bedding set consists of three pieces: the pillowcase or pillowcase, the sheet with elastic to cover the mattress, and the sheet without elastic to cover the entire bed and serve to cover yourself during sleep.

Although this is the most normal way of presenting a set, some models also come with a copper bed or duvet, thicker and warm blanket for nights of sleep.

What are the advantages of single bedding?

There’s nothing like coming home and having a clean and comfortable bed waiting for you, isn’t it? That is why it is so important to make use of the bedding.

In the case of single beds, the pieces of the set have a specific size for single beds, but that does not mean that they are more or less cozy.

The bed set guarantees a hygienic space, since it is changed and washed frequently, avoiding direct contact with mattress and pillow. It serves as a protective layer against the proliferation of fungi and bacteria in them.

For example, if you sweat a lot at dawn, there is no need to wash the pillow and mattress, only the bed linen, which makes the process much simpler and easier.

In addition, the non-elastic sheet of your single bed set helps you to protect against the cold at night, and in the case of more complete sets, there are also covers and duvets, even thicker and warm, however, well more expensive.

In general, they are articles made of fabrics rich in cotton, always soft and pleasant to the touch.


  • Keeps the bed clean and aesthetically organized
  • Facilitates hygiene
  • It is soft and comfortable
  • Sheet protects against the cold


  • Bedding sets with copper bed or duvet are much more expensive

What care should I take with my single bedding set?

As with any piece of clothing, it is very important that you have proper hygiene care with your single bedding, in order to avoid the accumulation of dust mites, bacteria and bad smell.

Mites and bacteria are great allies of respiratory diseases.

Such mites and bacteria are great allies of respiratory diseases such as allergies, allergic rhinitis and asthma, all the more reason to ensure that they do not decide to stick to your mattress.

Experts recommend keeping the bed in a cool and airy place, in addition to washing and changing bed linen once a week.

At the time of washing, the ideal is to use water, washing powder and fabric softener, and then, let your bedding dry in a space preferably in the sun.

It is also recommended to turn the mattress every six months, so that both surfaces have contact with the external environment and are not only compressed.

And when it comes to pillows, care must also be taken seriously, although the frequency of cleaning does not need to be as intense as that of bedding. In this case, the ideal is that it is washed with soap and water every six months.

How much does a single bedding cost?

The value of your single bedding set will depend on the quality of the fabric used in the manufacture, and the size of your kit.

Normal games, consisting of three pieces (a pillowcase, an elastic sheet and one without) usually cost between R $ 100 and R $ 350.

The sets that come with an extra article, covers a bed or comforter, cost at least R $ 300, and can reach up to R $ 700 or more.

Where to buy a good single bedding set?

You can find your dream bedding set at specialty brand stores, and even decor stores like Camicado, Tok & Stok and Etna.

In addition, there is also the possibility to buy online, space that will allow you to access a wide variety of models. In this case, we recommend Amazon (where you can find all the models mentioned in our ranking), Buscapé, Submarino and Mercado Livre.

Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing single bedding models

Although this is not a very complex article, there are some points that must be addressed before you hit the hammer on your single bedding set, such as:

  • Fabric
  • Size and measurements
  • Yarn count
  • Design

Next, we’ll talk more about each of them.


It is important that the fabric used in the manufacture of your single bedding is soft and pleasant to the touch.

Most good sets are usually very rich in cotton, the ideal ones being 100% cotton, as they are softer and resistant to washing and ironing, which guarantees greater durability.

Size and measurements

The single bed was designed to provide the sleep of only one person, however, the size of the bed and mattress structure may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, it is important that you know the measurements of yours before buying yours game.

On average, a single bed set has elastic sheets from 85 cm to 100 cm wide, by 180 cm to 200 cm long. Typically, they are capable of covering mattresses between 20 cm and 30 cm in height.

In the case of sheets to cover, without elastic, their measures usually vary between: 140 cm to 165 cm wide, and 230 to 250 in length.

The pillowcases do not deviate much from the standard measure, which is 70 cm wide by 50 cm long.

Yarn count

The amount of threads in a weave determines its texture and lightness, directly reflecting on the quality of your sleep.

The yarn count starts at around 140, however, experts on the subject say that games below 180 wires tend to be rougher (although some people like them).

The greater the number of threads, the softer the piece.

For example, fabrics between 300 and 600 are light, smooth and soft, with a satin touch. Those with 1,000 threads are denser and heavier, but very pleasant to the touch.

Here, the important thing is that you know that the higher the yarn count, the more expensive your product will be, and if you are looking for a good cost benefit, an intermediate model may be the perfect option.


The choice of design is very personal and must be related to the decoration of your room. There are neutral and super colorful models, the ideal is that you choose the one that adorns the environment and that passes transmitting comfort and well-being.