How to Put Someone into a Deep Sleep

Undoubtedly, sleep is one of the most important human needs. Health experts say that to maintain a healthy balance, we require six to eight hours of sleep per day, so what happens when you don’t feel quite at the top of your game even after six hours of sleep?

Your inability to feel refreshed after sleeping for the required time may allude to the fact that you are not sleeping deeply! Deep sleep is responsible for helping the body relax, repair, and revitalize cells. In this piece, we will be sharing few tips to help you sleep deeply.

How to Put Someone into a Deep Sleep: 9 Tips

Ditch Caffeine

As we grow and take on more responsibilities, we often feel the need to make up for lack of time by doing as much as we can while powering on in top gear in as little time as we can manage. This is one of the core reasons why many defer to caffeine to help stay active during the day. But, do you know that caffeine can stay active in the system for more than four hours after consumption?

This invariably means that if you were to consume a cup of coffee at 2 pm, the chances are that you will not slip into a deep sleep if you were to head to bed by 8 pm. So, to get a healthy night’s rest, limit your caffeine intake to the early morning or at least six hours before you decide to sleep.


Establish a Routine

Doing as little as establishing a pattern your body can get accustomed to could be the one key you have missed when it comes to enjoying deeper sleep. So, establish a healthy daily routine starting from when you wake up to when you set out for work and what you do when you get back from conducting your daily activities. For instance, doing a light workout and brushing your teeth after dinner every day sends a signal to your brain that the day is winding down and it is time to rest.

Talk to Someone Who Knows!

Our inability to sleep deeply can be for reasons far deeper than we often think, and it helps a great deal to talk to people who have passed through similar phases of insomnia. Experience speaks louder than words, so why not get insights from those who know and have utilized some tips and tricks to getting deep sleep? Click here to check out time-tested hacks that helped a former insomniac change their sleep pattern.

Choose a Light Sleepwear

Your choice of sleepwear may play a role in your inability to sleep deeply. Sleeping in your day clothes or outfits from hangouts with friends may be a bad idea if you are battling insomnia. Being deliberate about your sleepwear could prove to be the difference to getting quality sleep. Ensure you wear something light to bed to avoid blocking your body’s blood flow or making your body work extra hard to pass blood through your system.

Try Music

Health experts have spent years researching the relationship between music and sleep, and results have constantly proven their theories to be true. Studies suggest that music helps to release the feel-good hormone “dopamine” in the body; hence, it can reduce the cortisol levels in your body while making your mind feel good enough to slip into a relaxed state. This is the state that is crucial to entering into a deep sleep period. So, if you are finding it difficult to sleep deeply, find some mellow music and create a playlist of songs that can help you fall into a relaxed state.

Turn the Lights Off and Air Your Room

Light exposure in your room when it is your bedtime, may very well mean you do not intend to sleep deeply as your brain is prevented from creating adequate sleep-induced melatonin. This means that if you leave the lights on and you do manage to shut your eyes, you have reduced chances of sleeping deeply.

So, turn off the lights, or if you are afraid of the dark, get low night lights that can improve the ambiance of your room. In the same vein, oxygen is crucial to your well-being. You want to make sure that your room is aerated, so hang clothes and other items in their appropriate places and let air flow freely in the room.

Try a Warm Bath

This largely depends on the weather; the goal is to help your body warm-up before you sleep. Warming up the body will not only help you sleep faster, but it can also help improve your overall sleep quality. A warm bath cozies up and puts your body in a relaxed state. Try taking a bath at least 30 minutes before your bedtime and ensure that it is not a very hot bath. The idea is for you to help your body gently relax.

Change your Pillows

You would be surprised to find out that the reason why you are not getting sleep is your pillow! Our bodies have a way of communicating discomforts to our brains, and we are left with the task of deciphering and understanding what the cause of the discomfort could be.

Using a lumpy, hard, or very high pillow can mean an uncomfortable night of tossing around for you. So, ensure that your pillow is not too high and it is comfortably soft enough. You would be surprised at how drastic the effects of a changed pillow can be.

Stay Healthy

Improving your diets, refraining from eating some hours before sleeping, and exercising are keys to enjoying a healthier life and, ultimately, sleeping deeply. Ditch unhealthy habits and watch your quality of sleep improve.

Final Thoughts

The causes of light sleeping may range from the littlest things in our habits to the biggest things like a sleep disorder. Finding a way to practice one or more of the tips from this list may very well be the key to unlocking deep sleep for you!



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